The year 2014 will be dedicated to Senna, since the Brazilians, together with the driver’s sister Viviane and the Ayrton Senna Foundation, want to celebrate the great world champion twenty years after his death.

“We do not want to bring back his death” has stressed Senna’s sister Viviane “rather, we aim at celebrating his life. He was a winner and he was proud of his Brazilian origins. But above all he was proud of offering an opportunity for hope to poor children living in shanty towns”.

Ayrton Senna back to Imola, twenty years later. Twenty years that have simply flown by, such clear the image of this extraordinary Formula 1 Champion still is in our mind.

Twenty years that haven’t in the least obscured his memory, the memory of the ten racing years when Ayrton had been the uncontested winner at Imola’s Motor Racing Circuit.

Those ten years, from 1984 to 1994, were wonderful for this Brazilian driver who was particularly fond of the ups and downs typical of the “Enzo and Dino Ferrari” Motor Racing Circuit. During the whole of that period he proved himself the best on the track, so much so that he had become a “legend” when he was still alive, before that unimaginable and incredible accident.

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